Project partners

Our requirements

CrescNet wants to contribute to making data that arise within a treatment process accessible for scientific analysis. Our expertise includes data storage and data management. Questions concerning the growth and weight development of German children and adolescents can be answered competently. Various aspects of health care research can be clarified by including our data.

Central database

The central database is located in the Medical Computer Centre of Leipzig University Hospital. This central database and the existing network architecture can effectively support multicentre studies.

Treatment centres where patients with growth and weight development disorders are competently diagnosed and treated can apply for access. This gives them full access to the functionalities of CrescNet. The applications enable standardised documentation of the treatment.

More than 100 measured items can be documented: from height, weight, head circumference to drug doses (e.g. STH) and laboratory values (e.g. IGF1) to the use of dietary products for certain metabolic disorders. The items to be measured (including their references) can be extended.

Project partner search

CrescNet is always looking for project partners to examine the data collection under specific scientific questions. In this way, some projects have already been carried out. The results have been published and can be read in the Science menu.

Results that arise from evaluations of the CrescNet data stock can also provide the basis for projects. For example, an early detection of weight development disorders by CrescNet led to a targeted telephone counselling service for the parents of the children affected.

Many studies are looking for people with certain characteristics. With the help of the participating paediatricians and adolescent doctors, the CrescNet database can effectively support a proband search.

Examples of functionality

The CrescNet web application enables:


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