About CrescNet

Our intention

The name 'CrescNet' comes from the Latin word 'crescere', which translates as 'to grow and flourish'. The name stands for the concern to competently assess the growth of children and for the growth of the amount of data to be able to successfully deal with several concerns.

We would like to encourage paediatricians and adolescents to anonymously submit all data on the height, body weight and head circumference of their patients to a central database.

Permanently installed screening for growth and weight development disorders enables systematic early detection of growth and weight development disorders. CrescNet supports that children in need of control or treatment are also cared for by paediatric endocrinologists.

Beyond this early detection, CrescNet wants to use the growing data pool to calculate reference values and trends, provide valid prerequisites for prevention programmes and support the search for test persons for scientific studies.

Data on height and weight are being systematically collected as part of a third-party funded project, and a central database is being created.

History of CrescNet

1994 Prof. Keller is awarded the first model endowed professorship for growth and development at Leipzig University Children's Hospital by the Serono company. As a result of his many initiatives, a network of paediatricians and adolescents in private practice is gradually established with the aim of being able to detect growth disorders earlier and better.

1998 Data on height and weight are systematically collected and a central database is created. The basis for this is a resolution passed by the Saxon State Medical Association in 1992, in which the joint care of chronically ill children by the paediatrician in private practice and a specialist at a treatment centre specialising in the chronic disease was regulated. All data are continuously checked for abnormalities in the course of growth.

2004 The data of children who have been diagnosed with a growth disorder are made available to authorised treatment centres via a special interface with the consent of the parents and the referring paediatrician. In this way, the data can be used jointly on the basis of standardised data collection for the quality control of a growth-influencing treatment.

2006 After his retirement, Prof. Keller founded a non-profit limited company with the consent of the Medical Faculty and the University of Leipzig, into which the CrescNet network and its database were transferred, and was Managing Director until 2011.

2011 Prof. Dr Roland Pfäffle takes over as Managing Director. He is also head of the Department of Paediatric Endocrinology at the University Hospital for Children and Adolescents in Leipzig. The gGmbH finances itself by raising donations and participating in scientific projects.

2014 The financial situation necessitates a change in the sponsorship. The gGmbH will be dissolved on 2013-12-31. The network will be returned to the Medical Faculty of the University of Leipzig. Prof. Roland Pfäffle will remain in charge of the project.

Scientific leadership Prof. Dr. med. Roland Pfäffle
Project coordination Ruth Gausche
Medical consultation PD Dr. med. Alexandra Keller
Research associate and System administration Christoph Beger, M.Sc.


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